Fat Shrinking Program, a 21-day home-based program for slimming down, uses natural methods. It overcomed the obstacles of traditional diets and exercise programs to help people lose weight. This simple, follow-along body shaping program is based on science and can be used to successfully reduce body fat for people of all ages.

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What is Fat Shrinking Signal?

This fat-slimming program targets every part of your body, so you can tone and trim every inch. The body uses its full-body burn sequence to send fat burning signals to the brain. It does this by using unique body movements that release trapped fat. Fat Shrinking Signal uses the effects of leptin for weight loss. Leptin, a hormone that is linked to weight loss and feelings satiety and allows you to know when you’re full so you can stop eating.

The brain doesn’t receive leptin signals and thinks your body is starving. It can therefore never tell when you are full. You end up with too much stored fat due to the foods you eat. This program is designed to combat the problem of low leptin levels and make your body a fat-burning machine.

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What’s included in the Fat Shrinking Signal Pack?

Fat Shrinking Signal is a program that focuses on doing certain exercises in a specific way, sequence, and intensity for different body parts. Although it may take some time to learn the sequence of exercises, once you have, it will take approximately ten minutes to complete. The core of the system is a targeted “slimming” sequence that includes four steps.

Body Slimming Burst #1

The first step activates your Fat Shrinking Signal, which flushes away body fat and makes you feel slimmer. The Fat Shrinking method is similar to liposuction but without any side effects. You should prepare for the psychological shift it brings.

Body Shaping Burst #2

This step sends fat-burning signals directly to your brain, allowing it to instantly release the fat around your heart, stomach, and thighs. This step uses unique body movements to shape trouble areas and melt away fat. This is also called the “Shock Your System” and will simultaneously activate five “shockpoints”, which are used to shape common body problems.

Body Sculpting Burst #3

This is a toning and tightening routine that also includes a 40 second tummy-slimming movement. The 10-minute “Fire Cracker”, which activates anti-aging enzymes, will make you look years younger. It also releases fat from your body.

Body Shredding Burst #4

This fourth approach activates your metabolism and ignites calorie burn. It also lowers blood pressure. You can lose up to double or triple the amount of fat through the metabolism activation. This will allow you to slim down and tone your body without having to add extra sets or minutes.

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