Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. There are many causes. Professor Frank Sommer, Hamburg urology, says that impotence is not something that should be considered medically. There are treatments for nearly every type of erectile dysfunction. This includes the implantation artificial erectile tissues. These therapies can be both extensive and specific, but they are also exhausting and time-consuming. Sommer explains that this is where you can combine sports for overall fitness with pelvic floor exercises, training using the vacuum pump, and taking pills. But the best natural treatment is Eroxel. It is a supplement with very potent and natural ingredients. This ensures its 100% effectiveness almost instantly: Eroxel Buy

There are many causes of Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is not always caused by the genital area. Sometimes, the problem is elsewhere in the body. A diagnosis involves more than just a conversation. It also requires a thorough examination of the patient. For example, the specialist may use light electric shocks to test the patient’s nerve tracts. This allows the patient to feel different levels of vibrations as well as heat and cold stimuli.

The vessels in the penis and pelvic floor muscles, as well as erectile function, are also examined. The procedure also includes a blood test. Impotence can be caused by physical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. These conditions must be checked out.

Erectile Dysfunction: Psychological and Medical Assistance

The problem is that many men who have been affected by the loss of potency hide their pain for years. Many people consider losing potency to be an unimaginable loss. Eckhard Klingberg, a Hamburg self-help group Impotenz, demands that “the image of the ever-capable men be challenged.” “Some of the affected can see a new future if they accept the real state.

Each person must decide for themselves what importance sex should be in their lives. This can be helped by psychological support. First, break the silence and seek help psychologically and medically. Many men are embarrassed to talk about this sensitive subject. But now everything has a solution thanks to Eroxel. Eroxel has already helped many men to completely eliminate impotence: Eroxel Reviews